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* Swiss Temporary Passport (provisional passport/ emergency passport) with validity not less than 6 months upon the return to residence country is accepted by the Immigration Bureau in Thailand.




Nationals of the following countries may enter Thailand without a visa

For tourism purpose only


Tourist Visa Exemption Scheme  

* Passport or Temporary Passport with validity up to 6 months

Period of Stay 30 days

America                         Australia                        Austria                          Bahrain                         

Belgium                         Brunei                           Canada                         Czech Republic 

Denmark                        Estonia                          Finland                         France              

Germany                        Greece                          Hong Kong                   Hungary            

Iceland                          Indonesia                      Ireland                          Israel                            

Italy                              Japan                            Kuwait                          Liechtenstein                

Luxembourg                   Malaysia                       Monaco                        Netherlands                  

New Zealand                  Norway                         Oman                            Philippines                    

Poland                           Portugal                         Qatar                            Singapore                     

Slovak Republic               Slovenia                         Spain                          South Africa                  

Sweden                         Switzerland                    Turkey                          UAE                             

UK                                 Vietnam


Bilateral Agreement

Period of Stay 14 days (Passport only)



Period of Stay 30 days (Passport only)

Hong Kong                     Laos                             Macau                           Mongolia                    Russia                           Vietnam           


Period of Stay 90 days (Passport only)

Argentina                 Brazil                      Chile             South Korea             Peru