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Thailand Elite Privilege Entry Visa (PE)
Privilege Entry Visa
- Privilege Entry Visa were issued since 2013, an improved version of Elite visa.
- An Elite Privilege visa sticker has a validity of maximum duration of 5 years or inline with the expiry of your passport. 
- Upon arriving Thailand member will get 12 month visa stay. Member may do a stay extension at immigration centre if you plan to stay longer than 12 months (Immigration Fee of 1,900 Baht apply).  
- The 90 days reporting a.k.a. Residential address reporting is required by Elite member. Member report online via Thailand Immigration website or report at province's Immigration office which you live or via Elite office if you live in Bangkok, you simply hand over your passport at Elite office and collect it back once it's done. 
- Renewable 5 Yrs Multiple Entry Privilege Visa. If your Elite membership is 10 or 20 years, simply request a new Elite visa sticker prior expiry. 
 Where to affix an Elite visa?

1. Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport, 
Phuket, or Chiang Mai International Airport (Highly recommended to affix at airport)
(5 working days in advance booking)

2. Chaeng Wattana Immigration office
(5 working days in advance booking)

All Elite members are entitled to one time free Elite Personal Liaison service. By default we will provide you Elite Personal Liaison when you book for affix your Elite visa at Immigration. That's our Elite personnel will assist you when you are affixing your 1st Elite visa at the immigration office.

It is necessary to have TM 30 for members who would like to obtain Elite Visa at immigration Chaeng Wattana. (TM 30 form for the Residence Notification as the responsibility from the house/building owner where you stayed with).

3. Thai Embassy located in the country of your passport only
Please kindly submit;

1) Elite Visa Sticker Application

2) one passport photo

3) your original passport 

4) copy of your passport

5) copy of your previous Elite visa, if any

6) Certificate Letter from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (Welcome letter for new member OR confirmation of second Elite visa sticker)

7) A return envelope with your name and address with already postage of CHF 6.30 for registered mail