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1.  Applicant has to make an online appointment in order to submit personally the legalization application at Visa Section, Royal Thai Embassy, on Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 hours. (except national holidays)

2.  Legalization process takes approximately within 3 - 5 business days.

3.  Legalization fee can only be paid in cash at the Visa Section.

4. All document must be original or certified copy from issuing government/private agency and also must be legalized by Office of the Government Chancellery of Principality of Liechtenstein before translation or submitting at Royal Thai Embassy. 

5. The document must be translated by a professional translator in Switzerland who has been produced translation which has been legalized by Royal Thai Embassy before.

5.1.If your document is translated by professional translator in Thailand, please get your translation document legalized by Legalization Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand.
5.2.If your document is translated by professional translators from other countries than Switzerland or Thailand, the Royal Thai Embassy is not able to legalize it.

6. To allow other person to get the legalization service on your behalf, a Power of Attorney is required. A Power of Attorney must be signed by yourself and the appointed representative as well as 2 witnesses. It also needs to be notarized to be effective.

7. The document must be less than 6 months old (after legalization) at the time the document is submitted at Royal Thai Embassy.

    Except the Attestation of Single Status and Criminal Record must be less than 3 months old at the time the document is submitted at Royal Thai Embassy.


Purpose of using the document in Thailand: to register your marriage from Switzerland, to change your lastname after marriage / adoption / divorce, to update your marital status after marriage / divorce, to register baby who is born in Switzerland or Lichtenstein into Thai Civil Registry (Ta-bian-baan), for business purpose, etc.

Types of Document from LIECHTENSTEIN:

  • Married Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Death Certificate
  • Confirmation of Last Name Change
  • Confirmation of Single Status (must be less than 3 months old)
  • Criminal Record
  • Consent Letter from Parent/s for Child’s Traveling
  • Consent Letter from Spouse for Buying-Selling Property in Thailand
  • Private Power of Attorney, Public Power of Attorney
  • Confirmation Letter from School or Company
  • Transcript, Diploma, Copy of ID card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of driving license
  • Free Sales Certificate
  • Certification of Origin
  • Guarantee Letter
  • Commercial Registration
  • Customer Satisfaction Letter
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Beneficiary’s certificate, etc


Please follow the instruction as follows:

1) Get the original document legalized by Office of the Government Chancellery of Principality of Liechtenstein
2) Get the original document translated (If required)
3) Get original document and translation document (If any) legalized by the Royal Thai Embassy in Bern.

Please submit;
1. Application form for Legalization (for private use) or Company / Organization introduction letter (for commercial use)
2. Original document, translation document (If any)1, and a copy of all pages
3. Fee of CHF 20 per one original document
4. Fee of CHF 20 per one translation document (If applicable)2
5. For Thai citizen; a copy of Thai passport / ID, Thai house registration, and all names spelt confirmation (whose names appear in the document) 
6. If you wish to receive the document back via post, please provide a return envelope with recipient's name, address and postage stamps of total CHF 
6.30 (Registered mail)

4) Get all document legalized by Legalization Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand
5) Submit your document where it is required




1 The translation should be done by a professional or sworn translator who is able to translate the document accurately. The translator should also maintain the form of the original document as much as possible. Confirmation from the translator (with full name and signature) or/and transltion company (with an authorised official of the translation company) with the date and city of the translation must be written in the translation.
2 The legalization fee for court order translation is CHF 20 per every 100 words.