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In compliance with Thai Government's latest quarantine measures (dated 29th April 2021), 

from 1st May 2021 all travelers entering Thailand must stay in quarantine hotels not less than 14 days.





''P H U K E T & S A M U I  S A N D B O X'' 

Click here / กดที่นี่

        Both Thais and Non-Thai Nationals, regardless age of traveler, MUST have a Certificate of Entry (CoE) to be able to board the aircraft. In order to apply for a CoE with Royal Thai Embassy Bern, your originating point of departure must be from Switzerland only.



Instructions and Details as follow:



        List of categories of persons who are eligible to apply for a "Certificate of Entry"


    1. Thai Nationals who hold valid Thai passportแนวปฎิบัติสำหรับผู้มีสัญชาติไทยในสวิตเซอร์แลนด์ที่ประสงค์จะเดินทางเข้าประเทศไทย (กรุณาคลิกที่นี่)


    2. Non-Thai nationals who hold diplomatic/Official/laissez-passer passport

        including their spouse, children and parents. (Click here for instruction.)


    3. Non-Thai nationals who are spouse, parents or children of Thai nationals (Click here for instruction.)


    4. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid certificate of residence or have permission to take up   

        residence permit in the Kingdom (sample of certificate of residence, please click here) (Click here for instruction.)


    5. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid work permit / business meeting / investors / business seeking or are allowed to work in the Kingdom,    

        including their spouse and children (Click here for instruction.)


    6. Non-Thai nationals who are students of educational institution, certified by Thai authorities,

        including the parents or guardians (Click here for instruction.)


    7. (Temporary suspended until further notice) Non-Thai nationals who are in urgent need of medical treatment in Thailand, including

        their caretakers (Click here for instruction.)


    8. Non-Thai nationals who hold valid Non-Immigrant Visa (O-A and O-X) (Click here for instruction.)


    9. Non-Thai nationals who hold Tourist Visa or Special Tourist Visa (STV) or nationals who are entitled for Visa Exemption (updated 10 Dec 2020) (Click here for instruction.)


    10. Non-Thai nationals who hold a valid Elite visa and approval letter of Thailand Elite Member Quarantine Programme (TEMQ) (Click here for instruction.)


    11. Non-Thai national who hold a valid Non-Immigrant O (Retirement Visa) or a valid re-entry permit (Retirement) (Click here for instruction.)








19 Aug 2021