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Internship / job training in a private company or a hotel

Applicants can ONLY apply in person for a visa, no longer than 90 days before your traveling date from Monday – Friday from 09:00 – 12:00 hours. (except our national holidays) and applicants have to make an online appointment at in order to submit your visa application at the counter of Visa Section, Royal Thai Embassy in Bern
Please kindly note that visa application takes approximately 5-7 working days after the receipt of completed required documents.

Those who wish to attend on-the-job training or internship with a private company or a hotel, to work as journalist (short term stay, not accredited in Thailand), to work as sport coach employed by private sector or to attend a course (organized by an institution not registered as school)

Required Documents

1. Original passport or travel document with validity not less than 6 months of the day of your departure from Thailand

2. Completed visa application form

3. 2 recent passport-sized photographs taken within the past 6 months (3.5 x 4.5 cm.)

4. A copy of travel booking or ticket reservation (from Switzerland to Thailand, and outbound flight from Thailand)

NOT require at the moment.

5. Confirmation letter from the school / university in Switzerland regarding the internship in Thailand

6. Approval letter (Form WP. 3), issued by the Ministry Labour and Social Welfare. The employer of the applicant can apply for approval letter (Form WP.   3), on behalf of the visa applicant at the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (Department of Employment)

7. Confirmation letter of employment, invitation letter, and work contract

8. Supporting documents of hiring company in Thailand as shown below:

8. For non-Swiss nationals, a copy of valid residence permit to stay in Switzerland (front and back side)

9. Visa Fee in cash only : 80 CHF for three month with single entry

10. In case that applicant’s passport shall be sent back by post, an envelope with applicant’s address and CHF 6.30 of stamps are required. The embassy does not accept any responsibility for any kind of loss or damage from post service

11. In case the applicant does not receive any income or necessary support for living expenses from the company or hotel, please also submit copy of your bank statement the past 3 moths. 

12. For Chinese passport holder, if the contract is longer than 90 days, visa application must be submitted 5-10 weeks before your departure date from Switzerland

13. For Nigerian, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korea passport holder, please kindly find more information on Note at How to apply for a visa